Antique Furniture Restoration in Stamford, CT

Our services range from gilding, refinishing, repairs, regluing, reupholstery, lacquer, french polish, and carving.
We also specialize in the less invasive art of restoration and conservation of antiques. Whether it be an entire dining room set or just a little doll’s rocker, The Gilder is the place to have it done.


Lacquer Finish

Furniture Reupholstery


Wood Carving

French Polish

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Meet Our Team

We can deal with most problems found during furniture restoration or furniture refinishing, This could include an unstable structure, worn drawer runners, scratches missing sections of veneer. Always keeping in mind the integrity of the restored piece of furniture, whether it be a valuable period piece or a modern piece.We always take in account how the piece was constructed and it being integral, not over-restored.

We prefer to retain as much of the original during any furniture restoration project instead of reconstructing or replacing, however, new components can be made and matched to the original. We also specialize in traditional French polishing using much the same process and materials used 200 years ago. If your piece of furniture has a damaged upholstery, we also provide a complete service of re-upholstery on both modern and period furniture, armchairs, dining chairs, in leather and fabric.

Meet Luciano Colella

Master Craftsman Luciano Colella has acquired an intense passion and talent for the art of restoration and gilding handed down from his father. Vincenzo Colella, a skillful antique restorer for over fifty years.
Luciano refined his knowledge and skills as a student at The School of Art and Restoration in Bari, Italy.
After gathering significant working knowledge in the well-known artisan shops of Puglia and Piemonte, he opened his own in Polignano a mare BA in 1996, his province of origin, where he is considered one of the best in the art of restoration, gold leafing, engraving, carving and inlaying.