Furniture Reupholstery

Reupholstery lets you replace the worn out, torn, or unseemly fabric and breathe new life into your furniture to bring it back to brand new conditions.

It happens with time, that beautiful sofa or love seat starts to show it’s wear. There is fading of the cloth or a tear in the fabric. The cushions have lost their bounce, or sag in the middle a bit. You could replace it with a new piece, but it’s your favorite place to sit in the living room. Is there anyway to save it? Couch and sofa reupholstery is a better option than throwing it away, and the refinished piece will probably last longer than newer, cheaper pieces of furniture.

Our Services

Our services range from gilding, refinishing, repairs, regluing, reupholstery, lacquer, french polish, and carving.
We also specialize in the less invasive art of restoration and conservation of antiques. Whether it be an entire dining room set or just a little doll’s rocker, The Gilder is the place to have it done.